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Friday, August 04, 2006

Wedding and Honeymoon

Hey out there everybody! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the wedding, and that if you were unable to attend, you were there in spirit regardless. The wedding went off beautifully, and it was amazing to see everyone there and enjoying themselves. I was too busy to actually do anything besides follow orders from the photographer and the MC, but I tried to get around to say hi to everybody, and let them know that it truly meant a lot that they were there. It was incredible. Then we went on the honeymoon which was just fantastic. We flew to NY, and from there we took a cruise to Canada, which was gorgeous. Everybody was incredibly nice, and while St. John was a little quaint, I really enjoyed it. Erin preferred Halifax, which was a little bit larger city, and had some incredible public gardens. The cruise itself was also great. The food was, of course, scrumptious, and we met some really cool people. Believe it or not, we were the oldest couple at our dinner table. There was another couple who were engaged, and one had just finished undergrad, and the other was still working on it. Another couple were newlyweds like us, though they were 19. The other couple wasn't actually a couple, they were a brother and sister. I didn't actually ask them about their age, because they were a little weirded out by everyone else being couples and were a little quiet. They definitely looked significantly younger than us though. We also got to get on stage and play the newlywed game, since we were the newliest of newlyweds. Everyone else had gotten married on Saturday, but we were married one day more recently. It was a little embarrasing, but we got a free bottle of champagne out of it. Anyway, when we got back, we decided that since we were already in NY, we should just stay a couple of days. We saw a lot of cool things, Rockefeller Center, Strawberry Fields in Central Park, Ground Zero, and The Lion King. The Lion King was incredible. The costuming was not only beautiful, it was ingenious. They probably had to have a mechanical engineer on staff to design these costumes. We also shopped a little bit, and picked up the songbook for Wicked - since apparently Erin used to play piano, and her love of Wicked is strong enough to inspire her to pick it up again - and a couple of things Erin found on Canal Street. It was a great time, overall, and I really enjoyed both the wedding and the honeymoon. The last few days since we got back have been cool. We got Erin's name changed on her driver's license and a few other places, and ran some other "just married" type of errands. Oh, and the other night, I had this crazy dream where I won the lottery, and Rob updated his blog.* Dude, it was crazy. Anyway, I will talk to you all later, so peace out, and word to your mothers!!

*You know I'm just messing with you Rob, but seriously, the beginning of March??


At 8/06/2006 10:27 PM, Blogger Traci said...

Hooray for updated blogs! Glad you guys had such a good honeymoon. I can't believe Canada is such a hot spot for the young and newly married.

At 8/11/2006 4:44 PM, Blogger Robert M. said...

End of July, thank you VERY much!


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