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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ladies Night

Today in my gender and law class, we discussed some possible sexual harrasment situtations, based on my professor's life experiences, including whether it created a hostile environment when a bar instituted a "Ladies Chained to the Bar Drink Free Thursdays" promotion. The bartender was female, and she immediately asked to rearrange her schedule so as not to have to work on Thursdays, and was refused. I kind of went off on my own tangent about "Ladies Nights" in general, because I think that they are a horrible, horrible idea. Bar owners do not institute a "ladies drink free" policy in order to attract women, because by definition, they are not making any money off of them if they are drinking for free. The women are used as a means toward attracting men. Without going deeply into the kantian moral imperative to use others as an ends rather than a means, we can assume that using people for our own ends is generally disrespectful to them. But this is not the thrust of the argument; that lies in the reason the women are such attractive lures. My professor seemed to think that it was because the assumption is that women who need their drinks to be free are more likely to be single, without a man to take care of them and buy their drinks, and considers this sexist, as it is an assumption predicated on the idea that a woman needs a man to take care of her, and hearkens to the days of coverture. However, I do not think that men are attracted so strongly to bars where women drink free because they believe that the women will be single, as much as they are attracted because they believe that the women will be drunk. It stands to reason that if drinks are free, then it is more likely that one will drink large quantities. It is the fact that the girls are more likely to be drunk, and thus easier to manipulate and coerce, that draws men to bars holding a ladies night. Coercion, of course, being one of the grounds of rape in the state of Florida, I would argue that ladies nights not only encourage, but contribute to coercion, and therefore, to rape. Anyway, I really just wanted to organize my thoughts on that argument, so if you actually read the whole thing, I appreciate it. Peace out, and word to your mothers!


At 3/02/2006 12:58 PM, Anonymous Traci said...

Hear, hear! I would like to offer some female insight here...but alas, I was super lame in college and rarely went out drinking, usually only imbibing at a friend's house and/or party. I don't know that I've actually ever gone somewhere because it was ladies night. Usually the way I was coerced into bed were those cheap, tawdry comparative literature discussions. I'm such a mind whore! So if college bars start to offer free copies of Oscar Wilde to single ladies, then maybe I could weigh in on the situation. Other than that, guys are shits if they try to get a girl drunk for sex, but females should also be responsible and not drink too much or fall for stupid lines, or just guys at bars in general. That doesn't excuse the men, of course, but women should exercise personal responsibility as well. I think what we women find more intoxicating than the free watered-down mixed drinks is the power of our sexuality, and how men can turn into such idiots around the lure of...okay my word choice here could possible offend, but fill it in with your favorite euphemism for female genetalia. Must sign off now or risk ranting. Happy to see you in myspace!

At 3/22/2006 6:09 PM, Blogger Philawsopher said...

As far as personal responsibility, of course someone should take responsibility for their own actions, but the owners of the bars are taking an action too. To me it seems analogous to the Napster case, in that Napster was merely providing a vehicle for people to do things that were illegal, and they were held accountable for it. Regardless of whether you agree that downloading music from Napster should be a crime, the courts have said that it is, and Napster's contributing to it is also. Contributing to a crime, encouraging a crime, being an accomplice to a crime, are all just different forms of crime.


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