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Monday, May 22, 2006


I went to trial for the first time today, and I am ecstatic to report that I was successful. Granted, he pled no contest, which is kind of like a forfeit, but the end result is that my client now has a permanent injunction (restraining order, essentially) against her abusive boyfriend. Since he didn't contest it, my experience arguing in front of the judge was very limited, but it was more than nothing, and it is more important that my client got the injunction. And besides, there was so much work and research before the trial, that it doesn't feel like I wasted my time at all. In fact, quite the opposite. While I was interviewing my client last week, I think I realized that yes, this is where I belong, this is what I want to do. It was a great experience. I used my skills in logic and my education in law, and put them together to help someone in need. And I was successful. Hell yeah. Peace out, and word to your mothers!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Sorry I was totally MIA for a few weeks. Exams went better than I expected, actually, or at least they feel like they did. No grades yet to judge by. Erin graduated last week, and so did my brother, both of which are very exciting. I started classes Monday, and was assigned two cases today for the Children's Advocacy Center, although I am not sure how much detail I can give out. Suffice it to say that it's not what I expected, but I can tell that I am going to learn incredible amounts, and it will also be very rewarding. I am also in a class with the crazy professor from last Fall. It promises to be an interesting, though busy Summer, since the CAC requires 20 hrs. per week. Additionally, I saw some pictures of myself over the weekend from the wedding shower, and I will be going to the gym after class with Dems. Seriously, why doesn't the mirror ever look as bad as pictures? The wedding planning is coming along, slowly but surely (Thank you SO MUCH to Adam and Janelle for helping with the invitations). I am looking forward to it. Anyway, It promises to be a busy Summer, but also a very educational, rewarding, and exciting one. PEACE!

Monday, May 08, 2006


Hear ye, hear ye! All those who would consider themselves nerds should report to the home of this nerd on the weekend of May 20th, for an exercise in nerdtacularity. MC Front-a-lot, the creator of nerdcore hip-hop will be performing at The Beta Bar, in Tallahassee, and everyone should come up for the weekend. This will be his only Florida appearance. If you have never heard his music, check out and specifically, if you read Penny Arcade, the Penny Arcade Theme Song may pique your interests. At least check it out. No plans are set other than the concert itself, but I anticipate a great many nerd-related activities. Peace out, word to your mothers!!