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Eclectic. I think that pretty much describes it. Yep. Eclectic.

Monday, December 19, 2005


I just found another cool site, or at least the idea is cool, I haven't surfed it much yet. It's The Poetry Archive and it catalogs poets reading their own works as far back as Lord Alfred Tennyson. I've always thought that it was best to hear the words from the poet's mouth, which is one of the reasons in fact that I migrated towards song. Especially in english, so much depends on the inflection, especially things like sarcasm, or even just where emphases go. Anyway, I hope it turns out to be as awesome as it seems, but so far it seems to have a small number of authors. It's just getting started though, and I don't think it's actually that common for poets to record themselves reading. Anyway, Peace!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Truly Scatterbrained Update

Last night Erin and I babysat her cousins, age 6 and 4. Absolutely adorable. Erin took some pictures of them, I'm sure you will all see them eventually. Other than that, I got a somewhat dissappointing grade in the only class that has grades posted already, but it's only disappointing because I thought I was going to do awesomely on it. It was an 80, which is what I want to bring my GPA up to, it's currently a 79.4. Anyway, Colorado was gorgeous, and snowboarding was tons of fun, though I definitely spent most of the time in the snow, on either my face or my butt. This evening I am going to dinner with my grandparents, and it will be great to see them. Last Friday night my brother threw a party for my birthday, well technically, for his roommate's dog's birthday, but I was invited, and since I was the only birthday boy with an opposable thumb, I cut the cake, which had a picture of the dog on it. It was a lot of fun, just like last year, and the year before that (before Obi the dog was born) when they got me a cake with a baby on it, so I would be, yes, eating a baby. It's all in fun. Anyway, I know this was insanely random, but congratulations to all who finished semesters, and even GRADUATED! (Janelle rocks out hardcore). Anyway, peace out, word to your mothers.

Friday, December 09, 2005


It's cold. Very cold. We left my place at 7:15 yesterday morning and got through securtiy to wait for our plane at about 9:00, which is exactly the time frame that we had planned on, which I thought was kind of cool. So we get on the plane at 10:30, take of at 11:00 and get to Denver at ten to one, four hours later. We met Carl, who was also running on time, and we drove another hour to Boulder, which is gorgeous, by the way. Carl drove us up the mountain a little ways to see some nice views, and point out Josh's dad's place, where we tried to turn around to come back down. Oddly enough, Josh's dad, and 2 year old brother, were walking up the driveway at the same time we were pulling in, and Carl decided that since it looked like he didn't recognize Carl's truck, we should stop and at least say hi so he knows who we are, so we got to meet Josh's dad, and brother Fletcher too. We came back down the mountain, and got our stuff into Carl's, where Carl promptly attempted to get me addicted to World of Warcraft. I liked it, but I am still just morally against paying monthly fees for one game. Anyway, then we saw Josh, which was awesome because it has been a LONG time since I saw him, and I don't think Erin's ever met. And soon after, we met Dana, who neither of us had ever met. We went to Pasta Jay's for dinner, and when we came home, we started a fire and watched Underworld, which was actually pretty good, I enjoyed it, although Erin fell asleep about two minutes in, which means that she missed out on Dana's hot chocolate. We were both exhausted, and so they pulled out the futon for us and got us massive quantities of blankets. We were out instantly, although the three of them went out to meet some people, which I didn't mind; for them it was only ten, for us it was midnight, after an incredibly exhausting day. Anyway, I guess that's about all there is to report. Peace out, word to your mothers.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mission Accomplished.

I completed the semester yesterday. Hooray! I went out and celebrated with some old friends from my first year study group. I really wanted to get home and play some Halo with you guys, and see Adam and Janelle before I leave for Tampa, but I had been drinking. It had been about six hours since we had started, and I had only had six drinks, so the standard one hour to metabolize one drink rule would dictate that I should be fine. However, we did not finish drinking for two hours after we started, so not all of the drinks had been metabolizing for... I decided not to drive home. Honestly, I probably could have made it home fine, I wasn't feeling it anymore, but I also know that alot of the effects are not actually felt consciously, and the trump card is that if anything did happen, I'd never forgive myself. So, I decided not to risk it (and I never will), even though I did want to get back here, see Adam and Janelle, and play Halo with Rob and Carl (and probably Adam). So instead I spent the night at Joy's (on the couch of course). Also, I had yet another crazy dream last night. Um, I'll just let people ask me, if they care, it would be really long, and I'm sure people are tired of hearing my crazy dreams. This one was more of a nightmare again though. Freaky. Anyway, I am heading home for Tampa today, and I am excited about the break, as well as about the trip to Colorado that Erin and I are taking. I hope you all have a great holiday season ahead of you too. Peace!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Final day before my final final

Tomorrow is my last final. That's awesome. However, it means that today will be almost exclusively dominated by studying, which unfortunately means... no Halo. At all.
Also, I had another crazy dream last night. At least this time it wasn't a nightmare. I was at scout camp, and it was a big convention or something. We were about to be invaded by some group, I don't know who, but I remember that the NSA was involved, on our side. But the NSA wasn't going to get there in time, so it was up to me and a couple of the other older scouts and younger scoutmasters to repel the invaders with the guns from the boy scout rifle range, so that the thousands of scouts at the jamboree wouldn't panic. So we went out to meet them, and I remember thinking that the palmetto I was hiding under was horrible cover, not only because gopher tortoises like to make their burrows down there, and rattlesnakes like to take up tenancy there while the tortoises are gone, but because palm fronds don't stop bullets. They drove in in a jeep, and I remember being pissed that it was nothing like Halo. I got one shot and had to reload. I missed. Someone else got him before I was done reloading, but more importantly, before he shot me. Anyway, we went back, (apparently that one guy was the entire invasion force) and told everyone what had happened, since it was no longer a panic risk. Apparently the NSA had found out because of one of my younger scout friends (15 or so) who had found a bottlecap on the grounds that, I guess, was weird. Anyway, the wierd part about that is that they made a video game about it with his name in the title. Then I went home, and one of my cousins taught me how to mix recordings and equalize playback. That was alot more interesting in my head. Anyway, peace out, word to your mothers!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Nightmare on My Street

I was just awoken by a nightmare. I was just going about my business, and people started going missing. I wasn't sure that they were being kidnapped or killed or anything (in the dream), but I had a hunch. Anyway, all of a sudden I come back to my room from getting a drink of water, a normal occurrence, and I reach up above me to turn on the lights. Instead of the pull cord, I feel above me a large, oddly shaped hanging lump. I reach to one side, find the cord, turn on the lights, and found that the lump was in fact a limp hand, hanging from a limp arm, hanging from a limp dead body, which was somehow installed (that's the only word that fits) between my ceiling and my light fixture. I have no idea what significance this has, but the dead body was totally wearing a Radio Shack Uniform. The big ripoff though is that, you know how usually in a nightmare, it ends with you killing the bad guy? This totally ended with me calling 911. That's not a nearly cool enough way to end a killing spree. Anyway, peace out, word to your mothers, and sweet dreams. (Seriously, I really hope that you all have sweet dreams. Nightmares suck. Seriously.)

Friday, December 02, 2005

Three day weekend

Well, I took my last test of the week today, and I don't have the faintest idea how I did. The questions were basically "Describe two issues that we discussed where organized religion influenced the legal process. Explain whether it is appropriate for religion to play this type of role in the legal system." and "What are the legal precedents surrounding physician assisted suicide, and what would/what should a doctor do when confronted with a patient who is seeking physician assisted suicide? Which moral theories coincide with this approach, and which do not?" Needless to say, there were no straightforward "Yes" or "No" type answers. I have no idea whether I got any of the points that she was looking for, but it's over, and there's nothing I can do about it but take a nap. Good night. Peace.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Today's evidence exam went well. There were 20 multiple choice questions, only one of which I wasn't sure of the answer to, after re-consulting the statutes. There were 12 short answer questions, only one of which I didn't know the answer to, again after re-consulting the statutes. There was one long essay with two main issues, one of which I nailed, the other one I floundered on but eventually found the answer to, and I managed to fit in several extraneous tidbits that may or may not help, but can't hurt. Why the term "re-consulting" with regard to the statutes? It was getting to the end of the test, and I was freaking out, when the professor walked in. She walked to the front of the room, and I was frantically making guesses at the last few multiple choice questions that I had narrowed to 50/50 and put on the back burner, and then she wrote on the board "1 hour remaining." In all the studying I forgot that evidence was worth four credit hours and thus had a four hour exam. I had finished the exam, except for one or two of the multiple choice questions I hadn't made a final guess on yet, so I spent the remaining hour checking my answers, which was good, because although there were only a couple I had wrong, there were alot that I had almost right. Anyway, it's over, I think it went really well, and I only have one more until a three day weekend before my very last one of the semester. Peace.